Elizabeth Warren Visits Doyle’s Cafe

A new page was written in Doyle’s political history on Tuesday, October 23rd. Elizabeth Warren campaigns at Doyle’s Cafe and interacted with patrons and those who stopped by to show their support.

Elizabeth Warren for Senate

History in the Making at Doyle's

Elizabeth Warren at Doyle's Cafe


A Little Anger and a LOT of Persistence

Boston LagerHistory has a way of finding a home at Doyle’s Cafe. It’s 1984, and a young businessman showed up at Doyle’s, so angry that his face was busting out red, because the posh Ritz-Carlton told him his beer “wasn’t up to their standards.”

Mainly Bud drinkers at the time, Doyle’s owner Mr. Burke, put his beer on tap anyway. In 10 minutes, everyone loved it! The beer was Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

The rest is history! Doyle’s now carries quite the Sam Adams Beer selection including Brick Red, Cherry Wheat, Angry Orchard Cider and seasonal beers, currently Octoberfest. Not only did Sam Adams find a home at Doyle’s, but just a few years later the free trolley tours to the brewery and Doyle’s became a hit, creating a strong tourist hot spot.

So who was that anxious, persistent sales rep, you ask? He was none other than Jim Koch, the founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Co. (Source http://su.pr/5cRJdz)