Party at Doyle’s Cafe!

Welcome to Doyle’s Cafe: Where we never charge a room rental fee! As a political Boston landmark, Doyle’s is an eclectic, historic venue with a casual atmosphere.

With three private function spaces, Doyle’s Cafe is a great setting for birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, wedding rehearsals, receptions and holiday parties.

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Pair in Brews

Move over wine! There’s a new pair in town: Beer and Food!

Pair the Best Food with the Best BeerFood and wine deliver a fine match for foodies and wine enthusiasts alike. With its intricate characteristics and melodic notes, wine carries its weight and provides a full body experience that marries fine dining nicely. Beer too carries its own weight with wheat, brown and pale ales offering bitter and sweet notes that compliment ethnic and America cuisines.

According to John Fischer (Cheers Magazine, 2012), beer is better for food pairing. The bitter notes compliment the rich oils and creams that compose many popular dishes. He suggests that beer makes for a better pair with Indian, Thai, Tex-Mex and barbecue. In his Beer’s Better article, Fischer teaches the basic principles of pairing beer with your favorite dish.

1. Think colors: Beige with beige and brown with brown. A nicely seared steak and an amber or brown ale have similar flavors and sweetness.

2. Your brew should be as sweet as the food. Think ethnic and savory!

3. Consider the obvious – Beers come in a range of color, flavors and body and aromas. Unlike wine, beer provides a larger range of bitter, simple and more complex notes to marry foods together well.

Check out Doyle’s Cafe’s robust draft beers and create your own pair!

Higgins Armory Museum Visits Doyle’s Cafe

The Higgins Armory Museum visited Sam Adams and Doyle’s Cafe on Friday, July 27th. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!

Free Sam Adams Trolley to Doyle’s Cafe!

Doyle's Cafe Trolley

Photo Courtesy of Higgins Armory Museum

Riding the Sam Adams Trolley

Photo Courtesy of Higgins Armory Museum

After the Sam Adams Brewery Tour, you get a free Sam Adams glass with a beer purchase.

Enjoy Sam Adams Beer

Photo Courtesy of Higgins Armory Museum

Devon and the team had a great time at Doyle’s! They even dressed John, a regular, in armor.

Behind the Bar at Doyle's

Photo Courtesy of Higgins Armory Museum

John Dressed in Armor

Photo Courtesy of Higgins Armory Museum

Snap shots at Doyle's Cafe

Photo Courtesy of Higgins Armory Museum